Sparr’s Militaria & Antiques – walking through Astoria History.

Tucked away on a side street off Steinway is a fascinating little shop. Sparr’s Military and Antiques has been opened since 1946, and while you will definitely find a wealth of war memorabilia, the shop has some other beautiful hidden treasures. Just walking by one day I popped in and got to talk to Oliver Sparr who took over his fathers shop in the 70’s.

The stories here are told not just in the unique items that cascade from the shelfs, but from Oliver as well who is an accidental custodian of true Astoria Queens history. Regardless of how you feel about war memorabilia its amazing to me that all these items came from men and women that risked their lives  to protect their families right here in Astoria just like my own grandfather did. Making Sparr’s more like a museum not just to antiquity, but to a part of Astoria seen less and less. 

Thank you Oliver for this interesting window into the past, and Russell Dreher for helping me produce this segment.

The Best Cookies ever? Chip NYC.

Best is big term, but in this case it’s easy to stand behind the best cookie in NYC since Chip delivers on every bite. I stopped in unannounced to their original location on 30th ave and 34th street in Astoria, Queens to get the not so skinny about their amazing mouth treats. Lemme tell you something; you almost can’t call these cookies… they are like warm, little, buttery, sweet personal cakes you can eat on the street without causing too much attention. Since I filmed this they’ve gone on to open a bunch of new locations so definitely check them out they are phenom. Thanks to Russell Dreher for being on camera, Insider and of course Chip for making heaven you can eat. #chipcookies #cookies #astoriaqueens