The Weirdest Museum in Berlin? The DDR Museum.

What to do and see in Berlin? Our vote is definitely visit the DDR museum which has got to be the most interactive museum in the world. See what life was like in the Cold War, engage in Stasi spy techniques, even visit a retro kitchen and get real recipes from the day. Try on... Continue Reading →

Berlin. So much more than doughnuts.

Berlin is one of our favorite cities with the best restaurants, nightlife, museums, clubs, bars and people in all of Europe. From up scale dining experiences like Nobelhart & Schmutzig to wild street food like the epic Kumpir, we loved experiencing Berling through our stomachs as much as any other way. Fantastic museums as well... Continue Reading →

The best local eats in Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam might not be known for its cuisine, but it should be, with some of the most innovative, delicious and down right fun food and dining experiences in Europe. From Appeltaarts that will melt your face with delicious rays, to frites that will haunt your dreams for years to come there are plenty of nibbles... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam museum guide 2019.

Amsterdam loves museums probably more than any other city (see list below), so when we set out to find which ones were worth visiting, it was no small order. From the Van Gogh to the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk, to the Cat Museum we'll give you a quick run down of what's not to miss and... Continue Reading →

Where to drink in Amsterdam

The Dutch know how to get down, and make some of the best beer in the world. There are a lot of places to throw one back, especially in the De Pijp where crowds of thirsty folk gather as soon as the sun starts to set. There are also some fantastic beer halls that have... Continue Reading →

Best Budget Hotel in Amsterdam. Hague Hotel School.

We loved staying at the Hague Hotel School in Amsterdam, which is conveniently located just a short tram ride to the city center. Here, each room is modeled after a different hotel chain, so the staff (who are also the students) can fully learn the nuances of hospitality. You might think that having a learning... Continue Reading →

How to rent a boat in Amsterdam (for dummies)

You want to rent a boat and cruise the canals in Amsterdam? Well you have come to the right place, because we did just that and saw all the best this city carved out of the sea has to offer. Renting a boat is way simple, and once you are sailing through this delightful city,... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam, I love you.

Amsterdam is impossible not to fall in love with, there are world class museums, endless canals, rivers of rose, fun people, amazing food, and of course lots of open mindedness about where and what you can smoke, yes, weed. No matter what your expectation might be of this city robbed from the sea, it will... Continue Reading →

Braud and Co. Reykjavik. Sexy Buns.

If you're looking for the butteriest, softest, crustiest, warmest, sweetest, and most delicious baked goods from croissants to glazed buns then welcome to Braud and Co in Reykjavik Iceland. I mean you can smell the goodness down the street, and lines form early to get these delicious pillows of heaven hot and fresh out of... Continue Reading →

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