Jack Rabbit Hill Farms: The Next Level In Organic Wines

Jack Rabbit Hill Farms: The Next Level In Organic Wines

There is a Mining Museum and Hall of Fame in Leadville, Colorado, you have to go to.

There is a Mining Museum and Hall of Fame in Leadville, Colorado, you have to go to.

The LEAST visited National Park: Black Canyon Of The Gunnison in Montrose, Colorado

The LEAST visited national park ... The Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Aspen is good in winter, but best in summer. There, I said it.

While lots of people know Aspen, Colorado as a premiere ski and snowboard destination, not many know it a stone cold stunner in the summer. Filled with a ton of outdoor activity, Aspen will have you adventuring through it's golden countryside in no time.

My first trip since COVID, Denver, Colorado, and … wow. Just wow.

Is Denver safe for travel during COVID? With this being my first trip since the pandemic I was amazed to find a city conscious of being safe, while offering the best a traveler could expect.

Possibly the best place to travel during COVID. Telluride, Colorado.

If you're wondering where is the best vacation spot during COVID, Telluride, Colorado should be on your list.

The Best Game on Oculus Quest: Death Unchained

What is the best game on Oculus Quest? Death Unchained, hands down.

My time aboard a Russian Spy Ship.

A very funny tale about how I almost got myself missing by the Russians aboard a spy ship in the Arctic Ocean.

The BEST PC for Editing Video on Premiere Pro. Period. (and under $ 2,000)

This is the best computer for editing video, especially in Premiere Pro. After weeks of research and crunching numbers, this PC build is the best you can get, and all for under $2,000 dollars.

Commercial production impossible? How I’ve survived (thrived?) as a content creator during COVID.

How a commercial director on the rise quickly changed his workflow to accommodate an advertising industry being cancelled by COVID.

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