Final Draft 9, 10, or 11 stop working, wont load, or crashes on your Mac or Windows PC? Easy fix right here…

This morning I clicked on the “F”, it loaded up, and then as soon as I touched a key to type, boom. “Final Draft has quit”. Restarted, cleared cache, the whole nine, nothing worked. The solution was super easy.

Like most final solutions, this one requires you to reinstall the program, but dont worry, it’s simple and takes a sec.

Download your version of Final Draft Here:

(You can find your version by hovering over the icon. Mine is 10)

Install the downloaded zip file. No reboot is necessary.

IMPORTANT: When you launch Final Draft again a message will pop up if you want to “reopen the previous windows”. SAY NO. This bug was caused by a frame issue, so don’t fall into the trap again.

Once it’s open you’re good to go. No reentering of serial numbers or nothing. Much love to Daniel Kabblesmith who posted this solution on Twitter