How to bind your phone to the DJI FPV DRONE – FIX/SOLVED

So I love DJI products, from the Ronin to the Osmo and definitely their drones, but after buying the DJI FPV drone and not being able to fly it because my phone wouldn't bind / connect to the drone, I nearly tore my hair out (and threw the damn thing out). Finding a solution to... Continue Reading →

The Best Game on Oculus Quest: Death Unchained

What is the best game on Oculus Quest? Death Unchained, hands down.

Infrared Photography HowTo

I first tried infrared photography in High School on actual celluloid running through my Canon AE-1. The results were...lackluster. It was difficult to load, harder to meter, and almost impossible to develop. Things have changed a lot. I first came across infrared digital photography working with Shawn Angelski who's amazing images had me hooked instantly.... Continue Reading →


Easy flicker removal from your footage in 3 quick steps, no plug in required.

Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing and Crashing at the Liberty Cup qualifying for nationals at Governor's Island 2016.

Like riding a bike. not.

So this was kinda amazing. First, if you don't know Smarter Every Day, you should, because it's one of the good things that make living good. This was maybe my favorite episode, such a weird and beautiful metaphor, and even somehow frightening. Enjoy. Destin, you're my hero.

BEATS with built in OCULUS RIFT. Do they come with new underwear?

I ask if they come with new underwear because you are obviously going to shit yourself. I'm here all week people.  So this is a dope idea... headphones... with a VR set ... BUILT IN. They use Retina Projection so they beam the image RIGHT INTO YOUR FUCKING BRAIN which is the only way I... Continue Reading →

finally. i can masturbate in my car.

Good. Got your attention. Problem is, I think we're gonna loose it. Here's something new; a car that drives itself in traffic. I mean, we've all heard stories about car's that drive themselves, but even your early adopting uncle Jack (you know, the dude that actually owns a Roomba) doesn't have a self driving car.... Continue Reading →

If you’re reading this, you wont be for long.

Scary. Really scary when you think about it. Net Neutrality. Let me put it this way for you... this blog, twitter, facebook. All the things you do on the internet. Your business. How you make money. Everything, will now have a cap on it. What was once free, now will cost. It's going to suck,... Continue Reading →

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