Are some USB connections faster then others? (Yes, and wow)

If you deal with video, you are constantly battling against transfer speeds. A high data rate from the drive to the editing software can make the difference between being able to edit, and wanting to throw your computer out the window.

I’ve been meaning to do this test for a while, to have a definitive answer on which drives perform best out of which USB port on my computer.

To set the stage I have an TUF GAMING X570-PLUS running a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor. I have an additional 4 USB ports on a serial adapter, a usb-c on my NVIDIA GF RTX 2060 Super, and an external hub connected by USB – C.

I ended up testing two drives, one solid state (a SanDisk 2tb) and one LaCie rugged 2tb – both USB C with BlackMagic Disk Speed Test.


Top Ports USB

Top Back USB

Mid Back USB

USB C (direct, no hub)

USB C (with hub)
USB-C 40/40 USB3 115/105
USB-C 40/40 USB3 420/420


Serial USB


First, the type of drive not only makes a huge difference, but which port it is attached to. SSD’s are 8x faster unless the port doesn’t allow for high speed transfer (denoted by a USB10 symbol usually above the port.

Second, the GPU USB C port was a surprise being the fastest, and I wonder if I was using the GPU if performance would dip.

Third, Serial ports suck in general

Forth, even though there are a set of 4 USB 3 ports on the back of the computer, two (the Mid Back ports) seemed to be twice as fast)

Fifth, and perhaps most surprising was that the USB C port on the hub I have is horrible at only 40mbs. The USB3 connector should always be used.

Obviously your MB will be different, but it is important to do the test once at least to know that you are working with the fastest port possible. Tonight … I will sleep like a baby.

Final Draft crashes or stopped working? Here’s what you do.

Final Draft 9, 10, or 11 stop working, wont load, or crashes on your Mac or Windows PC? Easy fix right here…

This morning I clicked on the “F”, it loaded up, and then as soon as I touched a key to type, boom. “Final Draft has quit”. Restarted, cleared cache, the whole nine, nothing worked. The solution was super easy.

Like most final solutions, this one requires you to reinstall the program, but dont worry, it’s simple and takes a sec.

Download your version of Final Draft Here:

(You can find your version by hovering over the icon. Mine is 10)

Install the downloaded zip file. No reboot is necessary.

IMPORTANT: When you launch Final Draft again a message will pop up if you want to “reopen the previous windows”. SAY NO. This bug was caused by a frame issue, so don’t fall into the trap again.

Once it’s open you’re good to go. No reentering of serial numbers or nothing. Much love to Daniel Kabblesmith who posted this solution on Twitter

How to bind your phone to the DJI FPV DRONE – FIX/SOLVED

So I love DJI products, from the Ronin to the Osmo and definitely their drones, but after buying the DJI FPV drone and not being able to fly it because my phone wouldn’t bind / connect to the drone, I nearly tore my hair out (and threw the damn thing out).

Finding a solution to the problem took a sec, but after many trial and errors, I found a solution that worked for me, and hopefully for you.

So this is how you bind a DJI FPV drone to your phone.

I’m working with a Samsung S21 Ultra on Android. MAC OS I hear doesn’t have this problem. I use Google Fi but your carrier really doesnt matter … it actually has to do with DJI’s Fly App. It … sucks.

Here are the steps. Follow them exactly, it’s like a screwed up ballet.

  • open the DJI Fly app, clear the cache (all of them – located in profile)
  • Log out of the app
  • Delete the app – Reinstall the app
  • Turn on the Drone outside, have at least 9 Satellites connected.
  • Turn on Goggles and Controller
  • log back in using a new account (make a new account, any dummy account)
  • Connect phone to goggles
  • clear cache.
  • power everything off
  • unplug your phone
  • clear all the cache in DJI FPV app
  • log out of the fly app
  • delete DJI FLY app
  • Reinstall DJI FLY app
  • log back in using your original account
  • outside turn on drone make sure you have at least 9 sats connected
  • turn on goggles and controller
  • then plug the cable back into the googles
  • turn everything off
  • unplug the cable

Now you should be able to turn on the drone, goggles and controller, without the phone, and not have an error message or be limited to how far you can fly. I hope this works, and if you’re interested, check out my honest FPV review … they are curious little drones for sure.

The Best Game on Oculus Quest: Death Unchained

I have been playing games since Intellivision (look it up) and had my first computer at 8 (OG Nerd right here) … yes, it was a Commodore 64, yes I had the 2800 Baud modem, yes I am still a virgin.

Now that you know who you’re speaking to, I have been overly impressed by the Oculus Quest: VR has never been that interesting to me, and classic platforms like PlayStation and Xbox have always had more engaging games.

But the Quest got it right.

For the first time I was eager to strap in and play on. The titles are limited, the games tend to be short. Some are better then others. Beatsaber is dope, except for level 11 which seemingly goes from a level 4 to level 188 in difficulty. Superhot, Vader and I Expect You to Die all had me wanting more. Even stupid ping pong was a revolution, like the Wii on steroids.

Nothing however comes close to Death Unchained.

First, you’re killing demons in the afterlife with a crossbow (or bow and arrow if you’re a purist). You are basically in Dante’s inferno as Arnold Schwarzenegger, with one mission: cap as many bad guys as possible. The graphics are delicious; a perfect mix between Myst like fantasy and GTA realness. Controls, intuitive and fun; pulling back the bow feels like you are pulling back a bow. The gameplay is fluid; you can play it slow and cautious or run through levels like a maniac, your call.

Perhaps what is most unique about the game, the thing that really has my head spinning, is how it deals with difficulty. It’s completely backwards, and that makes all the difference.

Most games get harder the farther you get. Not Death Unchained. This game starts out near impossible, but each time you play it, it actually gets easier. Sounds like a nightmare, it’s not. The gameplay is so addictive, that you’ll play 10 times in a row right off the bat (100 if you’ve ordered pizza and dont have a life like me). As you die, you get stronger, new weapons unlock and you go deeper, farther in the game. It’s fantastic and extremely rewarding because instead of hitting a wall, you know that the next time you play that wall is going to be easy to get over.

How is this the first game Ive ever played that has thought of this.

Anyway, the name is Serrini and I’m currently 1,246th place globally. Last weed I was 108,765. Catch me in Purgatory.

PS – I am not paid or connected to anything related to the game, platform or Facebook … just an honest opinion and a big fan.

Infrared Photography HowTo

I first tried infrared photography in High School on actual celluloid running through my Canon AE-1. The results were…lackluster. It was difficult to load, harder to meter, and almost impossible to develop.

Things have changed a lot.

I first came across infrared digital photography working with Shawn Angelski who’s amazing images had me hooked instantly. Shawn had converted his Canon 5DII to be a dedicated infrared camera, and while that yields amazing results, I wasn’t going to retire my main shooting camera for a new hobby.

Enter the old Sony RX100.


I had this little point and shoot laying on my desk collecting dust for too long. I found this amazing company online, LifePixel, who can convert lots of different cameras to infrared. What’s great is you can choose what nanometer wavelength of infrared you want to shoot, basically, the type of infrared you want to capture. There is more about that on their site, but I chose the Super Color option cause I wanted to get funky.

And boy is it funky.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that might help you get best results:

  1. You have to use a special white balance to get proper results. The white balance should be programed into the camera by the company that augments your camera.
  2. Bright light, daylight, and plant matter works best for getting a full spectrum of color.
  3. post processing is necessary for getting amazing results.
  4. Using a CF or polarizing filter helps get tack sharp images.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shoot video, it will blow your mind.

1 … white balance. It’s good to understand what is going on under the hood here. Basically when you convert your camera you are placing a filter over sensor to just allow a specific infrared wavelength of light to pass through. As Infrared is outside of visible light, your white balance is no longer valid, and has to be cranked way toward blue to get you something that represents different channels of color.

2 … bright light don’t fright. What really makes infrared pop is lots of photons of light. intense contrast, especially when shooting anything plant matter, will give you images that look otherworldly. This is because of the way chemicals in plants (chloroform mainly) reflects infrared light, and the sky doesn’t. This is also cool because now you can start to see how insects and birds see the world.

3 … post malone. Your pictures are going to look like you spilled kool-aide on them. This is normal. Its infraRED after all. To get the results you want you will need to process them in post. Basically in the channel mixer, set the output channel to red, and change red to 0 and blue to 100. Then change the output channel to blue, and put red to 95 and blue to -3. And when you’re saying “what the hell does this mean” hop over to Nicolesy Blog where there is a great step-by-step write up.

4 … CF or Pola filter. This is just good basic photography techniques.

5 … Video! Lots of people shoot stills… not a lot of people shoot IR video, and I don’t know why. You can process it the same, and it gives you a unique look you don’t see often online.



Roberto Serrini is a professional filmmaker who records his adventures in word, photography and film. He is a staff writer for Get Lost Magazine, a senior contributor to Trip Advisor, as well as a drone operator. His work can be seen at where he can be contacted as well. 

Follow him @serrini


I own a FS700 because I love the face melting slow motion capabilities… partner that with an Odyssey 7Q+ and you are a lean mean filming machine. One thing that is kryptonite to my little beast is florescent light (or any light that feels the woe of our alternating current, damn you Tesla, you died too young).

Anyway, there is a cheap and easy fix to that problem. Hopefully it helps get your footage out of the rave.

Drone Racing

As many of you know, I’m an avid Drone pilot. I’ve flown my quad all over, documenting the Arctic Circle, Cambodia, even P Diddy. I’ve focused on the cinematography aspect of flying, even given a few tips along the way, but never really considered racing the little beast before today.

Well lemme tell you… it’s a whole new day.

I got a chance to spend the day with the amazing pilots of the Liberty Cup Drone Race, and my mind was completely blown. This was the last qualifier before the national competition at Governor’s Island, and tensions were super high. I put together this little teaser just to give a taste of how fast these guys fly, and how hard they sometimes crash.

If you haven’t you definitely should.


Roberto Serrini is a professional traveler who records his adventures in wordphotography and film. He is a staff writer for Get Lost Magazine, a senior contributor to Trip Advisor, as well as a commercial film director and drone pilot. His work can be seen at where he can be contacted as well.

Like riding a bike. not.

So this was kinda amazing. First, if you don’t know Smarter Every Day, you should, because it’s one of the good things that make living good. This was maybe my favorite episode, such a weird and beautiful metaphor, and even somehow frightening. Enjoy.

Destin, you’re my hero.

BEATS with built in OCULUS RIFT. Do they come with new underwear?

I ask if they come with new underwear because you are obviously going to shit yourself.

I’m here all week people. 

So this is a dope idea… headphones… with a VR set … BUILT IN. They use Retina Projection so they beam the image RIGHT INTO YOUR FUCKING BRAIN which is the only way I insist on watching Bang Bus.

The future in now people. I mean look at this video:

You know what I noticed? That the video is 70 seconds long, and for exactly 68 of the 70 seconds this man is… alone.

Of course I want this more than anything. Just worried that my hair is gonna grease up the optics and then we have that moment in Real Genius but IN MY FUCKING EYES.


Here is a bonus clip of Real Genius, which is the reason I became a *Theoretical Physicist in the first place.


*I am not a Theoretical Physicist. 

finally. i can masturbate in my car.

Good. Got your attention. Problem is, I think we’re gonna loose it.

Here’s something new; a car that drives itself in traffic. I mean, we’ve all heard stories about car’s that drive themselves, but even your early adopting uncle Jack (you know, the dude that actually owns a Roomba) doesn’t have a self driving car.

Well this thing… exists. And works.

Dope idea right? Sorta. I may be an old fogie at 32 years old, but I like my drivers forced to control their vehicles. While I hate traffic as much as the next poor slob, them’s be the brakes, so to speak, with owning a personal combustion engine that portes you to work. Boo hoo, you gotta hit the break, then the gas, then the break. Walk, or better yet, take public transportation you lazy fuck; there’s no traffic in the club car, and you can drink on the way to work.

When I watch this asshead with his hands behind his head, I immediately think he’s dreaming he’s getting felacio from a down-and-out Lisa Whelchel (look it up). While texting and driving caused 23% of all traffic incidents last year, I cant help but wonder how long he can hold out from checking grinder. Or tinder. Or Furrier (Tinder for furries. trust.) 18 seconds, max, then, whamo. Right into the back of a bus caring child nuns with rescue kittens on the way to the hospice. Nice, real nice.

While I’m all for technology helping make time for us to masturbate more efficiently, like being able to make love to my iPad, or remotely able to get my partner off at Chipotle, I never want a device that allows me to masturbate that has the potential to kill. I mean, if it was a Lambo, that would be a different story, but Audi’s just aren’t that sexy.

Put your hands back on the wheel bro. Lisa ain’t coming around.