I have been playing games since Intellivision (look it up) and had my first computer at 8 (OG Nerd right here) … yes, it was a Commodore 64, yes I had the 2800 Baud modem, yes I am still a virgin.

Now that you know who you’re speaking to, I have been overly impressed by the Oculus Quest: VR has never been that interesting to me, and classic platforms like PlayStation and Xbox have always had more engaging games.

But the Quest got it right.

For the first time I was eager to strap in and play on. The titles are limited, the games tend to be short. Some are better then others. Beatsaber is dope, except for level 11 which seemingly goes from a level 4 to level 188 in difficulty. Superhot, Vader and I Expect You to Die all had me wanting more. Even stupid ping pong was a revolution, like the Wii on steroids.

Nothing however comes close to Death Unchained.

First, you’re killing demons in the afterlife with a crossbow (or bow and arrow if you’re a purist). You are basically in Dante’s inferno as Arnold Schwarzenegger, with one mission: cap as many bad guys as possible. The graphics are delicious; a perfect mix between Myst like fantasy and GTA realness. Controls, intuitive and fun; pulling back the bow feels like you are pulling back a bow. The gameplay is fluid; you can play it slow and cautious or run through levels like a maniac, your call.

Perhaps what is most unique about the game, the thing that really has my head spinning, is how it deals with difficulty. It’s completely backwards, and that makes all the difference.

Most games get harder the farther you get. Not Death Unchained. This game starts out near impossible, but each time you play it, it actually gets easier. Sounds like a nightmare, it’s not. The gameplay is so addictive, that you’ll play 10 times in a row right off the bat (100 if you’ve ordered pizza and dont have a life like me). As you die, you get stronger, new weapons unlock and you go deeper, farther in the game. It’s fantastic and extremely rewarding because instead of hitting a wall, you know that the next time you play that wall is going to be easy to get over.

How is this the first game Ive ever played that has thought of this.

Anyway, the name is Serrini and I’m currently 1,246th place globally. Last weed I was 108,765. Catch me in Purgatory.

PS – I am not paid or connected to anything related to the game, platform or Facebook … just an honest opinion and a big fan.