Wrist watches are having a massive renaissance these days with everyone pining for some form of a Rolex to flex which is amazing, but today I was gifted by my amazing wife (and best friend;) the most beautiful timepiece IMHO … the TAG Heuer “Senna” S25.706

This stunner is so sick I dont know where to begin. I suppose the history, which is amazing in its own right. Senna, one of the world’s greatest F1 drivers, was a TAG ambassador since 1988. This particular model was his absolute favorite, and there are ton of amazing photos with it hanging out on his wrist. His personal watch has an interesting history as well which you should read more about as well.

Whe he loved this watch is obvious. It’s beautiful, sure, but comes with a pro chronometer that can record multiple laps, which, in the late 80’s was some high tech bravado. I personally adore the mix between analog precision and these old-school LCD panels which date it perfectly.

The final flex is the leather strap in my opinion. While this watch comes in their legendary gold and silver linkage which is said to be the world’s most comfortable, the leather really makes this a special item. Sure it’s a diving rated watch, but the leather screams “how fast can you really go underwater? Not fast enough that’s for sure, so keep her topside”.

This watch has always been in demand which is why they’ve recently released an updated version of this beauty, that said, it’s amazingly difficult to find really anything about this watch online, which I kinda love, just adding to the mystique.

It’s truly tragic what happened to Senna, who had an absolutely epic life which you can learn all about in this killer documentary, but it’s exhilarating to look down on my wrist and see this legendary timepiece to remind me of the greatness of Ayrton Senna.

Thank you Jackie … it’s simply perfect;)

And here is the manual because mine was in Japanese;)