If you’re looking for a secret wine country destination there is no better then Paso Robles in California’s Tuscan Central Coast. With over a hundred world class wineries, hotels, and restaurants this hot spring haven is a perfect place to fall in love with. At the center is the amazing Dresser Winery, where you can pop in for the day for a tasting, or rent out the villa for a weekend with friends which is what we did.

If you are fortunate enough to know Paso Robles in California’s Central Coast then you are already aware that you have found heaven. Known for its thermal waters and hot springs, natives cherished this place as fertile land before it was settled by Californian’s in the 1800’s. Slowly it became the wine capital of California before Napa gained international acclaim, and remains an affluent yet sleepy version of it’s Northern counterpart. With hundreds of wineries, hotels, amazing restaurants and landscape to fawn over, Paso Robles is a magical, little known place to fall in love with.

Fortunately for us we’ve had family live in the area for many years, coming up from Avila Beach which is darling and of course San Luis Obispo it’s nearest “city” which is also a fun college town. We actually decided to get married there in the spring, a perfect choice since our family is split between Los Angeles and San Francisco and Paso is smack dab between the two. Our friends at Dresser Winery had room so we rented their estate which was, well, sublime.