I’ve been eating steak all my life and have prepared it a thousand different ways, and the best way to prepare it, hands down, without question, is the simple reverse sear. The idea is to bring the steak up to temperature slowly in the oven which keeps every drop of juice in the meat, then at the end hit it quickly on a ripping hot skillet to get a beautiful crust that will knock your socks off.

Few things to note here:
– This works for any steak, but best for thicker cuts like 1.5 or more inches thick
– Leave your steak in the fridge uncovered overnight for best results
– Take your steak out when it’s 10 degrees under your desired degree of doneness
– No resting needed, you can sear right after you take it out of the oven, juices are sealed
– Don’t forget the butter baste; use cultured butter for extra flavor

Hope this makes your day more meaty and delicious. Big shout out to Allen Brothers Prime Meats who honestly has the best, hand butchered, humane delicious meats out there. They ship everywhere. Check them out.