I loved this piece by journalist Melissa Kirsch over at the NYT which asked readers for their best piece of advice for the new year. Some were poignant and deep, others honest and kooky, but all were hitting home on some level with a gravitas of truth behind them.

As I consume a ridiculous amount of TikTok it’s impossible to not notice the popularity of AI and Chat GPT … lots of amazing content is coming out of AI these days, so, I thought it would be fun to ask AI to illustrate the top 10 pieces of advice.


#greenscreen the NYT came out with their top reader’s advice for #nye2022 so I asked #ai to generate pictures from them. @philosopher_pirate @chatgpt #chatgpt #advice #nyt #nytimes

♬ original sound – Roberto Serrini
If you are wondering how I went about it … I took the line of advice and threw it into DeepAI – that’s it. Now all I have to do is follow some of this advice.