Man Stockholm really surprised us with how much there was to see and do, and how absolutely lovely the people were about sharing what they love to eat and drink.  We’ve already covered the best museums in Stockholm and asked if Stockholm was the coolest city in the world, so let’s tackle food! A special thanks to our dear friend and Stockholm local Matilda Karlsson (@millerillanart) for introducing us to our new favorite places to grab a drink, lounge, or eat in beautiful Stockholm.

First up is Urban Deli, which is a chain, however, if you go to their Takpark location they have a “speakeasy” rooftop that is absolutely stunning. Plenty of places to sit and eat great food and cold rose in the sun here, plus, downstairs is maybe the biggest food hall we saw in Europe.

Next the brave and those not afraid of heights will be able to cross the Katerinahissen skybridge and check out the Gondolen Bar (and restaurant) for views reserved for celestial beings

Next, a really good time is walking through Ralambshov park and kicking back at Boulebar. They also have multiple locations but this one is the prize, with lots of outdoor space, great nibbles, and fantastic long drinks … and of course, boule which is petanque which is bocce which is lawn bowling.

One place that might not be on your radar is Caramella, which is a famous Swedish candy shop. This place is epic, and has lots of fun sweets that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the world, some absolutely amazing, some taste like gym socks (in a good way).

Finally, this one might be a bit controversial, but really we had a killer time here at Aifur. Airfur is a Viking themed restaurant and while they can usually suck (although Ninja in NYC is like one of the best places in the world) this restaurant delivers on all levels. Amazing food, delicious drinks, and a staff that is truly into their job that makes this a completely immersive experience where it is simply impossible to not leave full, drunk and with a grip of new best friends.

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