Stockholm’s Best (& Worst) Museums.

I can’t really say I know another city that has so many top quality and interesting museums all in city limits (maybe Amsterdam), but here is our humble little guide to what we thought were the best museums Stockholm Sweden had to offer.

City Hall is worth checking out for sure, it’s the place they hand out the Nobel peace prize which is cool, and the building itself is modeled after a 17th century Venetian palace. Inside however is the Gold Hall which is absolutely stunning with thousands of highly polished gold tiles making up giant playful frescos.

The Public Library is also worth a peak. Designed as a rotunda it was built so that every book is accessible without a ladder, a metaphor that knowledge should be reachable for anyone.


The Spel Museum is dedicated to the history of the video game and a ton of fun. Beyond fun history you can get your hands on these games and challenge your friend to death matches from multiple eras.

Museum Island is chock full of museums, our favorites are the Nordic Museum which shows you how Nordic culture has influenced the world through the centuries, and of course the Vasa museum where a 17th century perfectly preserved warship is housed in a giant building. It’s amazing.–do/attractions/djurgarden/

The Swedish Arms museum is a gas, with lots of amazing displays of warfare through the ages, and some of the most “interesting” dioramas we’ve ever seen.

Finally pop into the National Library and see if you can find the giant metal doors, that house in a high tech secure room the Codex Gigas, a book wrapped in flesh that apparently jails the devil within it’s pages.

Also special thanks to @atlasobscura … we use them all the time to find the absolute best a city has to offer.
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