Sweet Stockholm. The Venice of the North.

Stockholm is a stunning city that perhaps not too many people consider when making a dream travel plan. They should. First, it is simply beautiful. The city is built upon a series of islands in a vast bay connected by bridges, hence giving it the name “Venice of the North”, but it is so much better then Venice in so many ways. Clean, safe, full of life and culture, Stockholm can satisfy any travel desires.

The food here is spectacular, multicultural, and interesting. You can eat in fantastic Michelin starred food places like Oaxen or go old school (very old school) and chow down like a feisty Viking at Aifur. From Coffee (Fika) to sweets to everything in between Stockholm has you covered.

Yes, in winter it may be a different story, but in summer when the sun is out nothing is better than Stockholm, and the Swedes know this. From kayaking the riverways that connect the city, to hanging at waterside Boule bars, this city soaks up summertime with a passion.

Culturally it is hard to beat Stockholm, where there are more museums and cultural events then most other cities in the world. From the incomparable Vasa museum housing a 17th century warship, to a museum dedicated to the video game, you can find culture at any strata in this gleaming city in a bay.



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Tripod: Manfrotto 390 https://goo.gl/6PzxBv

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