So I love DJI products, from the Ronin to the Osmo and definitely their drones, but after buying the DJI FPV drone and not being able to fly it because my phone wouldn’t bind / connect to the drone, I nearly tore my hair out (and threw the damn thing out).

Finding a solution to the problem took a sec, but after many trial and errors, I found a solution that worked for me, and hopefully for you.

So this is how you bind a DJI FPV drone to your phone.

I’m working with a Samsung S21 Ultra on Android. MAC OS I hear doesn’t have this problem. I use Google Fi but your carrier really doesnt matter … it actually has to do with DJI’s Fly App. It … sucks.

Here are the steps. Follow them exactly, it’s like a screwed up ballet.

  • open the DJI Fly app, clear the cache (all of them – located in profile)
  • Log out of the app
  • Delete the app – Reinstall the app
  • Turn on the Drone outside, have at least 9 Satellites connected.
  • Turn on Goggles and Controller
  • log back in using a new account (make a new account, any dummy account)
  • Connect phone to goggles
  • clear cache.
  • power everything off
  • unplug your phone
  • clear all the cache in DJI FPV app
  • log out of the fly app
  • delete DJI FLY app
  • Reinstall DJI FLY app
  • log back in using your original account
  • outside turn on drone make sure you have at least 9 sats connected
  • turn on goggles and controller
  • then plug the cable back into the googles
  • turn everything off
  • unplug the cable

Now you should be able to turn on the drone, goggles and controller, without the phone, and not have an error message or be limited to how far you can fly. I hope this works, and if you’re interested, check out my honest FPV review … they are curious little drones for sure.