It’s Fall. Get on yo motorbike.

It’s fall, I’m in NYC, and damn is it just so lovely…

We did a little jaunt around Woodstock and decided to bring the drone and camera out. What follows is the product of a day well spent.

And if you like it, don’t be afraid to jump over to my aerial drone film site,, for some more face melting high rising cinematic wonder.

Much love, and happy fall ya’ll!


bad ass bike for good reason.

Exhibit A: John Varvatos. A Rock and Roll, bad ass designer.

Exhibit B: Black Motorcycles. An Underground, road rash motorcycle shop.

Well they got together and had a child.

A while back I was asked to direct a film for Varvatos about a very unique project he was organizing; a one of a kind John Varvatos motorcycle. The bike was being built by the motorheads at the Black Motorcycles in Brooklyn. It was going to be a mean cafe racer, tricked out and styled by Varvatos himself. The motorcycle was then going to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Road Recovery who takes at risk teens and keeps them off the street by giving them the gift of music. All in all a pretty sweet project, and oh yeah, Slash did the music for the film. I got to put on his hat. One more off the bucket list.

slash's hat

Here is the vid we did … a simple piece where Vavatos speaks casually to camera. My favorite types of interviews.

<iframe src=”//” width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>

Well the bike is finally done… and it is mean looking. Surely it will go for a pretty penny, and it definitely should, considering all the proceeds are going to a great causes. Also because it’s tax deductible. double down ya’ll.


Here’s some stills from Varvatos’ office in the city… such a beautiful space… it’s exactly how I wanted it to look, with bits of fabric, leather and metal all around… like a junk box for creativity. Love ya John, you make cool shit. Keep doin’.


i’m in a gang

This past weekend, the fine chaps at Union Garage invited me along for their first motorcycle rally of the season. I had never been part of a gang, but always wanted to be. It was an epic experience, saw a ton of beautiful custom bikes, met some nice people in leather, and got to fly the drone around to capture the beauty of a mountain ride. All in all, epic.