Bora Bora drone aboard the Aranui 5.

Do I have your attention? Bora Bora? Drone? Aranui? Good. Listen up.

The Aranui, half cargo ship half luxury liner, is one of the wildest cruises I’ve been on, visiting some of the most extraordinary places in Polynesia, like Bora Bora and the remote Marquesas.

It’s a fantastic vessel, with 5 star accommodations, an incredible kitchen, lively lounges and divine communal spaces, but really it is the hosts that make the experience heavenly. The attention to detail, the high level of service while still being familiar and friendly, and simply the way they help you slip into island life is nothing short than other-worldly. I hope you enjoy this little drone peek at one of my most favorite ships in the sea, and if you are interested in cruising French Polynesia, seeing Bora Bora or the amazing Marquesas, check out one of my other videos aboard the Aranui, or hop over to Get Lost Magazine to read all about the adventure! #aranui #borabora #boraboradrone

The Aranui 5: Life aboard a cargo/luxury cruiseliner in Tahiti.

The Aranui is a very special cruise ship, part cargo, part luxury liner, and all love. The dual nature of the vessel allows it to travel to some very unique destinations that most cruises do not service, mainly, the remote Marquesas Islands. The fact that you can visit this lost paradise island chain, free of commercialism and tourists, is a dream to the seasoned traveler looking for something a bit more unique.

Onboard the Aranui you are part of a family. The rooms are finely appointed, the lounges swank, and the parties lively. There’s all sorts of activities, from hulu dancing, traditional weaving, cooking, and even fashion shows. What’s more, there is music all around, either in big dance parties, or impromptu jam sessions from the crew at the bar. It’s never a boring moment and always a lovely break from the intense relaxation the cruise provides.

This was a trip for the ages, and definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a novel way to see a slice of paradise. You can read about my entire experience at Get Lost Magazine, or, check out one of the other videos I’ve done highlighting the individual islands. Paradise awaits.





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