How to become YouTube Famous. (In 13 steps)

This is a 13 step guide on how to become youtube famous, a list compiled from the 20 most popular articles online. Great resource on when to release videos, tags, keywords, and tips and tricks all in one place for 2019.

freeman’s social club. the perfect day.

May 23rd. The day we celebrate Dave Hanson Day. Never heard of Dave Hanson Day? Never heard of Dave Hanson? pshaw. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Dave Hanson. He's the guy that drinks you past the breakup, jumps your broken down CJ-7 at 6am, and can sit in silence with you filling... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna live with a stranger for 20 days.

...On my phone. Damn, I hate how you only get so much space in the title area. Sorry. I'm gonna live with a stranger for 20 days...on my phone. What's all this noise about? Well saw it on the ol' Giz this morning and it piqued my interest (and yes, it is piqued, not peaked. Mic... Continue Reading →

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