Unattended Baggage featured on Film Shortage.

More fun news to wake up as one of my very rare, personal short narrative films is being featured on Film Shortage currently, a great honor indeed. From Film Shortage’s review:

“You know we love films that bring in real emotions. And while watching ‘Unattended Baggage’ you know that the words must be coming from a real life experience. Brilliantly capturing the tiniest details that can make a person unique – something that we absolutely adore in this film. Following the lines of all of Serrini’s work, lots of attention goes into the editing. An element that dictates the flow and almost comical pace of the film.”

I made Unattended Baggage a few years ago now, after a very difficult breakup, that luckily filmmaking and a few really great friends help me get through. I guess it’s based on a true story so it’s still a quasi documentary;)

It’s great to see it still out there and enticing people. The film has been translated into a handful of languages, and won some really nice awards which is always so strange since it came from a weird place of pain. Always so ever grateful to Natasha King, Mikko Timonen and Russell Dreher for this and everything my little film family has ever done with me.


Thanks For an Epic Year!

It’s that time again for a classic Year End Review … amazing how you can fit 365 days in 3 minutes;)

You can watch it on YouTube, or on Vimeo, or on my website (just scroll down).

Thanks to everyone who made this year one of the best yet. I’m so blessed to have done so much with so many magnificent people.


Looking forward to making more magic with you this year!




Shoot’s DGA 2017 New Director’s Showcase & Me.

My short film about love, and loosing love, Unattended Baggage, was selected to be in the 2017 New Director’s Showcase presented by Shoot Magazine and the DGA. I was quite honored. Here is the film:

They gave me a questionnaire. I answered those questions about being a filmmaker. Those answers are here:


Im very serious about my work. I’m very not serious about questionnaires. I enjoy living this dichotomy.

Anyway, if you care to find out what my favorite word is (protean, or, perhaps, quince) then by all means, give an eye.

It was an honor to have this film screen… also a bit strange, given how personal it was. In the end, just nice to have an audience and have your work acknowledged.