Drone over Tahoe and Eastern Sierras

Took road trip with my lil’ DJI Mavic to the Central Valley in California and shot some drone/aerial footage over Tahoe, Mono Lake and Mobius Arch. It was perfect weather, albeit a bit windy up in Tahoe especially in Emerald Bay, but still got to capture the crystal clear waters where boats seem to float on air.

The Tufa towers at Mono Lake were particularly wild. This is an ancient saline basin that is an important part of the migratory ecology in the Central Valley. In the 40’s DWP diverted a ton of water from the lake and it dropped 45 feet if you can believe it, revealing these strange geological structures. The Central Valley east of the Sierras is a super interesting place to visit, and is a key component of one of my favorite films Chinatown, as this is where the Owen’s Valley is where LA stole all the water from, and they are still suffering from it to this day.

Info about Tahoe: https://visitinglaketahoe.com/

Info about Mono Lake: https://www.monolake.org/

Info about Mobius Arch: https://www.blm.gov/visit/mobius-arch-loop-trail

Drone over Madrid.

What a treat to fly over Madrid from the VP Design Hotel Plaza Espana. This ancient city has lots of lovely secrets and surprises in store, so this week we will be highlighting good ol’ Madrid in pretense to the Davis Cup Tennis Championship hosted by Kosmos Tennis in November. The spotlight will be on this fantastic destination so here is a sneak peak of what is instore.

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Drone: DJI Mavic https://goo.gl/jLa257
Camera: Sony A7rIII https://goo.gl/ijE1vZ
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