The Bible or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Same thing?

Spoilers … like lots and lots of Spoilers.

First, I have not read any reviews, or critical analysis of the film, so apologies if this has already been echoed online. I just got out of a 7am viewing of Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the Cineramadome. I suggest you do the same. The film is up there as one of his greatest, and for me, it leaves me digging and finding treasures like a crack addict trying to scrape the pipe for another hit. Haven’t felt this way since I saw Pulp Fiction and talked about the briefcase and the band-aide on the back of Marsellus Wallace”s head.

On the “surface” this is a western, mostly about westerns shot in Hollywood, when Hollywood could be seen going through it’s “western” phase. Tarantino nails it showing tinseltown as a dust bowl, saloon driven, wild west where anything, even a dude like Charlie Manson existing, could happen.

It’s also about the Bible.

Well, the way I see it, Brad Pitt is an anti-hero, the real cowboy doing real cowboy shit. Fighting dudes, going into the lion’s lair, saving the day. We don’t know if he’s good or bad, did he kill his wife or not, don’t matter none, like Dirty Harry, he’s in it for himself.

He’s also the one that is leading Leo through the whole movie, driving him around, giving him advice, carrying his bags, boosting his ego, and yeah “carrying the load” Fanny. Sounds a lot like the Holy Spirit. At the end when those hippies announce they are the devil to do “the devil’s work” who protects Leo … Brad.

Leo does toast the last one. He literally sets water on fire to smite his enemies. I mean that’s pretty biblical shit.

But most of all … we can’t ignore the ending where Quinten kinda beats us over the head with the Holy metaphor. First, we see Jay Sebring … or … JC as he’s called over the speaker through the gates. Not just gates. See those lights around the gates? Look like giant … pearls? yeah, they do, hence, pearly gates. And the intercom talking to Leo … kinda like, I donno, the voice of God? Calling him through the gates? Yeah kinda … we then go up and over the house, a reverse of a shot earlier in the film, to see a “God view” of the backyard where Leo is received and told “he is a great actor” the divine gift he’s been searching for. There’s also two cars there, which are the same two cars we’ve seen in the movie the whole time, just, divine versions of them. This is heaven.

I have to see the film again … I think there are a lot more themes and gifts like these that are woven in the story… Sharon Tate wearing white boots then seen barefoot in the theater, then the hippie girl representing temptation putting her feet up in the car … the book she buys for Roman … the way the child actor is portrayed, calling Disney a genius (who pushed the princess archetype into society as far as it would go) and saying “sometimes I throw myself down even when I’m not acting” cause she has hidden “padding” protecting her … vs the extreme violence he shows towards “modern feminists” represented by the face bashed hippies. Does Brad Pitt represent toxic masculinity pushing his way past the army of women to check on the old blind man of yesteryear to make sure he’s alright. Does he not threaten the women that he will break every tooth in the only man that is seen as their equal on the ranch? Are the women not dressed exactly the same as the man that come to the home, a sure sign of equality, and after the battle does he not advise Leo to go lie with his beautiful creature of a wife, a token picked up from a foreign crusade in Italy literally the holy-land.

Is OUATIH about how “Hollywood” misrepresented and oppressed women for years to come? Is this Tarantino’s message? Did Leo find salvation at the end of the film or is destined to live a phony life? Find out next time, same Bat blog, same Bat URL.


Oh … tell me no one saw that “shining” painting of Leo in the driveway shift his gaze from right to left, literally staring at him in the last scene? Wanna talk about that shit?

Oh … the commercials on the radio … I mean when we see Polanski and Tate there is literally an ad for “heaven scent” cologne. I mean … (Thanks Jackie for that one;)

They Came Together. And You Will Too.

Hi. Rob Serrini here. Film Critic. Welcome and Action.

Upon my never ending quest to better the film-watching community with vitriol so accurate about cinema today (while trolling every IMDB page I can) I wondered, or perhaps came across a new little “Poehludd” vehicle who’s title peaked, so to phrase, my interest:

“They Came Together” **

A 5.3 star out of 10 rating intrigued me as I am often at odds with common Luddite opinions of film (example gratis: anything made by Sir Mike Bay I consider “live animation” and not actually “cinema” and deserves to be watched only in the back of a taxi cab on the way to a long day of jury duty in Jackson Heights, Queens.)

Interest peaked, I shelled out the $6.99 USD to Amazon LLC and had the film screened to my color balanced Sony 25″ Trimaster EL OLED Master Monitor. Yes, the F Series. Because I’m not a peon who likes to read coloring books.

At first glance (which is always blind said Virgil) this is your pedestrian romantic comedy. Boy meets girl, looses, and then obtains her again. Girl is cute with sassy ambitions, boy is lost with secret passions, and the film is set in… New York City. Thank you Harold and Sarah for ruining it for everyone (you too Robert Reiner. You fuck.) I digress… this was my first glance. As I slowly sunk into a common depression and anxiety for the future of cinema I realized that something magical, yes, magical was taking place…

The film was sentient.

Yes. A film, about, a film. The film knew it was a film, the actors, aware that in fact, they were in a romantic comedy, and the humor and script were in fact two sided, as jokes played on the level of characters withing a scenario and actors portraying characters acting out in said scenario.

Nothing this brave has not belched the screen since the first “Scream” which isn’t so much a film as it is art history. Best you watch the trailer, for surely it is difficult enough to wrap your mind around such theory as is.

I was so enthralled with the juex du mots and cul du sac of plot that I became lost in the characters world, which was in fact, my world, as they knew I was watching a film. In truth I was thankful I did not have a plebeian profession that requires drug testing, as I was sure that this master director, Mr. Dave Wain, had surely drugged me. Oh lala.

I will not divulge any of the plot as frankly there is none (genius!), but at the heart, the film’s directive is a common critique on the natural state of current CHC. The over use of sujet vs fabula, the trite demand for archetypes that Campbell would roll his dead eyes at. This film thrusts the prolific dagger of defiance into the one eyed studio beast and proclaims “Fuck how Lubich would do it! This is how it is done. Bitch!” – a constant breeze seemed to come from my $16,000.00 USD, laboratory calibrated, lead lined monitor as if Apollo’s chariot was fueled by the photonic symphony that this film emitted. Such a brilliant piece of work I imagine both Bazin and Eisenstein masturbating in heaven together, each one grabbing the hog of the other, while simultaneously shouting “we are not worthy!” as they… yes… as “they came together”.

You too will cum together with this film, as I did, for the comedy is so hot, the attack on Hollywood Gestapoism so pornographic, that even the cold, sphincter, dead body of Goldwyn will sprout a 4.8 inch rabid erection and shout to the heavens “oh momma!” while jizing in his guilt lined, for he destroyed Hollywood, coffin, for eternity.

The film is “They Came Together”. The director is Mr. David Wain. The word is “go” as in see it.

I, as always, am Rob Serrini*, film critic. Goodday and Cut.


* Rob Serrini is also known as Roberto Serrini, as in the 1999 Film Studies graduate of the University of California in Santa Barbara. Roberto Serrini’s education was a rigorous intake of an encyclopedia of Film Theory that stretched the ages, that he never used a minute after he left the institution. In so 4 year, thousands of hours or reading Russian film theory, and analyzing more Buster Keaton films then is legal by state law, Roberto Serrini’s outlet is speaking earnestly about film and yelling at plants. Lastly, Roberto Serrini is a self aware film critic.

** Seriously, all joking aside, this film is fantastic. It’s like Airplane and The Kentucky Fried Movie had a child, and that child was invited over to Rob Reiner’s house, who was having an orgy, where Mel Brooks, The Waynes Brothers, and Baily Jay the Tranny were in attendance. Go. See.