Is the Autel Evo 2 pro 6k better than the DJI Mavic 2? (yes)

As a seasoned drone op for nearly 10 years, I love drones in my filmmaking toolbox. Having travelled around the world with my Mavic 2 pro has been great, sometimes it’s been very frustrating getting LAANC and FAA approval only not to be able to unlock the drone to fly. The Autel Evo 2 Pro 6k comes without any geofencing restrictions, which means the onus is on the pilot to fly safely and within the law, but also ensures you’ll be able to take off if you have permission to do so.

My first impression is that this is a very capable drone, controls are solid and even more fluid then a Mavic, even if the build is a bit more bulky and not as solid. Camera quality out of the box is pretty solid, looking forward to finding the best capture settings for her. You can see some of my drone adventures at and here is a link to the Autel

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