Sprizzy. Does it work?


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Just kidding … so backstory, I’m in no way paid by Sprizzy or really give two shits about them. I paid them 110 USD to drive a bit of traffic to one of my videos to see what the effects would be on my newly budding travel channel TravelClast (please go subscribe;) – this is my personal, honest interaction with Sprizzy. Spoilers ahead.


I found Sprizzy through this thing called Google and did a bit of poking around on Reddit and other trustworthy news sources to see if it was worth my hard earned cash. Honestly it was 50/50 on it’s legitimacy, but decided to give it a try.

The interface is simple as pie, as it should be if you’re paying a company to watch your video. You can select a few different targets, like if you want more subscribers, more views, or more likes. Not sure how they target this, but it made me feel good, like drinking a green juice after a long night of boozing.


I selected one video from my list, one that had a bit more natural appeal then the others, to see if Sprizzy could take it to the next level. Their whole deal is that they analytically test your video first to see where best to promote (advertize) it, which helps generate real views/likes/subs.


The first day was promising, and not. I got hundreds more views and 7 lovely comments that were kinda in English. I didn’t have a lot of faith that this was legit, but by the second and third day the comments trailed off but the views kept increasing, as did a few new subs. Checking the retention time of the video it looked like these were actually people, since they would watch nearly the whole video and click away before the end.


In the end I got 5k new views, and 20 more likes and subs. If that is worth 100 bucks to you then that is what it is. On a personal note, I’m passionate about making fun media, and really do it just for the pleasure of making it. Would I love to have millions of views and subsist solely off of traveling and filming me eating things? Sure. Really though I’m always looking for ways to get my content in front of people who would enjoy it, which is something Sprizzy seemed to actually do, through some sort of “analysis”. In the end, yes, it works, and was relatively painless.



How to become YouTube Famous. (In 13 steps)

It’s time to become YouTube famous. I feel like I’m the last person on Earth who isn’t.

How do you become YouTube famous? Well, there are A LOT of ways people suggest to do it, so I went through the top 20 most popular articles and combined them ALL in one place, like a cheat sheet, mainly because there are A LOT of steps, and I’m lazy.

So here we go, the ultimate guide to becoming YouTube famous (in 13 steps).

  1. Keywords: Hop over to Google’s Keyword planner tool and Google Trends and KeywordTool.io and TubeBuddy to see what keywords are hot, and stay clear of long-tail keywords.
  2. Transcript: Uploading a transcript of your video will give Google more context to index your video, driving more search power to you.
  3. Share: share your video 3 times A WEEK on social media (and aggregators like Reddit and Scoop.it), and after 1 week, write a blog post about your video and then share that post.
  4. Call to action: add CTA buttons to the end of your videos that link to a playlist instead of a single video. Just add &list=”youtube playlist ID”  For example: your normal video URL looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkxeqomggF4 You need to modify it and add the playlist ID like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkxeqomggF4&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHh3ydUUZpusjBVgt3PTPmeH
  5. Subscribe Watermark: Instead of uploading a watermark of your logo, upload a subscribe icon as your watermark so it’s on the screen, discreetly, all the time.  Located in Creator Studio > Channel > Branding
  6. Check your stats: Each week check your video stats to see where viewers are leaving your videos. Add a YouTube card at that time code inviting viewers to watch different content on your channel to help retain viewers.
  7. Branding: Brand your content and channel consistently. Use branded thumbnails. Here are some tools to help you.
  8. Add featured channels: parter with other YouTube Content creators. Click Modules > Other channels > Save changes – Then add a few like-minded channels and save.
  9. Keep “related channels” on: this will keep you in the YouTube recommended network of channels.
  10. Link your website: go to Creator Studio, then hit the channel settings link to add your blog or website URL, and hit link your associated website.
  11. Interact: Ask questions for your audience, like other videos, leave comments.
  12. Sub Confirmation: when linking to your YouTube Channel add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of your URL. This will prompt the viewer to subscribe immediately upon clicking the link.
  13. Consistency: Post once a week, Thursday, at 2pm, for a year, at a time when your demographic of viewers typically consume your type of video (check other similar channels to see when this is) – check your analytics monthly, and adjust your release time to 3 hours before your peak time.

I’m not going to mention you have to make good content, or how to make good content, or any of that business because that’s like telling someone in order to learn how to swim you have to get wet.

I hope this helps you guys… as I attempt to build an audience for my new Travel Channel venture The Travel Agency, it was interesting boiling down all these different articles into a concise list of “how to get YouTube famous”. Good luck and see you online!