Italian Sporting Bikes of the 70’s

I love 3 things: Motorcycles, Movies and my mother. (I’m Italian)

Sometimes, when the god’s favor me, I get to combine two of those (my mother doesn’t ride).

May I introduce Italian Sporting Bikes of the 70’s hosted by the madmen at Union Garage in Brooklyn and the fine folk at Alpinestars.


It’s Fall. Get on yo motorbike.

It’s fall, I’m in NYC, and damn is it just so lovely…

We did a little jaunt around Woodstock and decided to bring the drone and camera out. What follows is the product of a day well spent.

And if you like it, don’t be afraid to jump over to my aerial drone film site,, for some more face melting high rising cinematic wonder.

Much love, and happy fall ya’ll!


Goddamn Good Gloves.

So I like bikes, have you heard?

I also like good bike gear.

I really like Grifter. See there is a line, a hair-thin line … a hipster beard hair-thin line, between authentically cool, and skinny-jean fugazi. It’s a hard line to ride and Grifter basically just nails it.

making love to gloves

I mean who is making love to who here? Is he making love to the gloves? Is his beard making love to his face? Or is it just a damn sexy ménage à trios…

I have two pairs of gloves from Grifter, and I’m having a love affair with both of them. The first is the Onyx Ranger Wool Lined Glove (damn sexy name kids), which is basically a selvage denim top and a silky deer skin bottom, and just like you want your transexuals to be, its super versatile; light enough to shove in your pockets, but packing enough protection to keep your little sausages warm.

And did I mention they look like they walked out of Teddy Rosevelts toolbox?

The second pair, which I’ve worn to bed on a few occasions (don’t judge), is the El Blanco (Ok, they’re called “The Blanco” but I’m going spaghetti western on this one). Say, for instance, you wanna floss a bit more. Say you’re into waxed canvas and mexican blanket roll-os. Say you stop right there and just grab a pair. The only thing wrong with this Cone Mills Denim and Bison leather glove is I haven’t owned it for 10 years, because I have a feeling, much like George Clooney, they are just gonna look better in time.


(And Monica Bellucci. I mean seriously. Can we get them together for a night?)

Look, gloves are like lovers: you can’t really explain what it feels like when you wear them, you just gotta try them on. So go get your hands laid. They deserve it. And Grifter is basically the high class Monte Carlo hooker of gloves.

Sorry, escort.

i’m in a gang

This past weekend, the fine chaps at Union Garage invited me along for their first motorcycle rally of the season. I had never been part of a gang, but always wanted to be. It was an epic experience, saw a ton of beautiful custom bikes, met some nice people in leather, and got to fly the drone around to capture the beauty of a mountain ride. All in all, epic.