Papeete – hotel and mountain tour.

Just a quick peek into my favorite place to stay in the city of Papeete, Tahiti, and this great little jeep tour that explored the inner beauty of the island, with waterfalls, tall mountain peaks, and lush valleys. The Hotel Tahiti Nui is a great place to stay, very centrally located, super modern, safe and quiet. If you’re looking for something close to downtown and minutes from the cruise lines, you really can’t do better.

And if you have an afternoon free you should definitely give Marama Safari tours a call. They’ll pick you up right at your hotel (their driver is adorable;) and cart you up to some of the most beautiful locations on the island, that you simply cannot reach without a guide or 4×4 truck. We even got a little impromptu class on how to make a traditional fern crown from our local guide. So sweet.


Bora Bora: Paradise on earth.

Bora Bora might be the most perfect island on the planet, with crystal clear blue lagoons, amazing scuba and snorkeling, and some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

I was fortunate enough to explore this island paradise with Aranui cruises this year, and got to experience first hand what island life is like. Music, cookouts, swimming, and a lot of petanque is pretty much guaranteed on the menu.

Scuba diving here is also a delicious treat, where you can easily swim with giant rays or black tip reef sharks, and of course the entire painter’s palette of colorful tropical fish.

Stay tuned for this ten part series as I travel through Tahiti and the Marquesas islands aboard the very cool Aranui 5.

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