So. Almost time to go. If you read my previous post (mini-rant?) you will know that having gone to South East Asia before and listening a bit too carefully to the internet, I brought perhaps WAY TOO MUCH gear. So here is basically the bottom line for traveling to SEA.

***DISCLAIMER*** No one paid me to say any of this shit, and any critique is my personal recommendation. Take it or leave it.

What to bring to Thailand.
What to bring to Thailand.

Yep. I’m a big fan of Casey Neistat and Wes Anderson.

Ok, lets go through the list.

1) The basics. Alka-Seltzer (AKA Miracle-Tonic), q-tips, asprins, eye drops, leatherman, and a nail clipper. I never bring a nail clipper and I always regret it so we’re changing that this time.

2) Sony RX100II. First off, I am a Cannon guy. I have a serious collection of glass, and I’m a *cough cough* Professional Photographer.  However I HATE lugging around a DSLR when I dont have too. This trip will be light and fast, so I needed a camera like that. The Sony RX100II seemed like a good bet. Small, but with some serious power behind it, and its best feature, for me, is the manual focus ring, so I can feel like I’m still a photographer. Its kinda like the tiptronic shift on an automatic car. Yeah, sure your “shifting”, knock yourself out pal.

DSC000283) Flask and travel shots that my bad-ass girlfriend bought me. My mother will say I drink too much, but I cannot stress the importance of portable alcohol. It can be used to clean gear, light a fire, even put out fires you start with locals. It’s called God juice for a reason.





DSC000134) Cushe shoes. These things are dope. They weigh about as much as a fart and are super comfy. Good traction on the bottom, light linen on the top. Dries super fast, looks equally good in the field and on the dance floor. Lemme tell you, you do not need boots for SEA. These are what you need.

5) iPhone 5. Naked. Nuff said.

6) A giant Diamond and a roll of Gaff Tape. In any situation one, either, or both of these items can save you from death.


7) A towel and a Sleep No More mask. Not only am I a big Hitchhiker’s fan, but a towel is a luxury not to be lived without. As for the mask, well, you never know. You may need a little theater.

DSC000178) My Joe Cool Moscot’s. NYC 4EVA baby.

9) Good Pants. Nay, great pants. PrAna Zions, and Kühl gear, so good looking you can go from jungle to dance floor in under 60 seconds.

10) Shitty little REI rain hat. I love hats. I love shitty hats. I believe that hats and shoes should be the same; well made, look cool, but be ready to use them and loose them. Hats are tools. Tools you wear on your head.


DSC0002011) Ok, these are dope. Kühl shirts. Basically the softest tissue made into a dope shirt. Water resistant, light, macrobiotic, antiseptic, and slim fitting. These shirts are worth their weight in gold. Very light gold.

12) Buff CoolMax Headgear. Is it a headband? Is it a facemask? Can you smuggle your plums in it? Yes is the answer.

13) St. Mark’s special bandanas. I carry one of these all the time. Wearing a suit? Still got one in my back pocket. Why? Maybe your girl has to sit on a dirty stoop? Maybe your lens needs a dusting. Maybe you have to grab a hot skillet and thwart an assassin. Multi use bro.

14) The bottom book is my Travel Guide. I’ve had it since I was 14 when my folks brought me to Rio which is where I was infected with the Travel Bug. No vaccination for that friends. It has gone on every trip I have ever taken. There are old museum stubs, metro cards, stamps, old addresses and phone numbers of people’s paths crossed stuffed inside. Momento’s from a road well travelled. The other book is new and was given to me by my badass girlfriend. It’s filled with little naughty polaroid pictures. It’s my gateway back to her at a flip of a page.

15) Socks and underwear. Yes, those are Versace undies you see there. I picked them up in Cambodia and they are wicked comfortable. The girlfriend hates them.

Besides that I take a jump bag. Laptop, 1TB LaCie drive. Two passports, mouth brush, converter, cables and batteries. And yeah, more Alka-Seltzer. Seriously, it’s a life saver.