I shouldnt mention this…

But this is an epic list… Go, travel, be free, and bravo HuffPost for putting together a knockout selection. I used to feel torn about “secret” lists. Secret bars, secret places, secret deals… if you tell everyone, well, you get the idea. After traveling and living enough (AKA getting old) I realized that sharing “Secrets” is really the only thing secrets are good for. Not only can someone go enjoy them, for however long they do last, but it forces new secrets to be made. The world will never run out of secrets, just adventurous people. Dont fail the secret community, go explore. Now. Seriously why are you still reading this. There is a fucking fish market in Cambodia where you buy the fish out of the fucking ocean. Now that’s fresh. Go.

And as for the picture… its my own little secret place on the Dalmatian Coast … discover more pics here.

15 Places To Go Before They Get Famous

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