So. Yesterday was my girlfriend’s birthday. Somehow it struck me personally and I’ve decided to change a few things about my life. This being my blog, well, you get to hear about it. Somehow if it’s not on the damn internet, it never happened. Oh the 90’s. I miss you so much.

First off, that damn Chris Pratt. Damn you. I love you. You are my spirit animal.

So I weigh, right now, naked and wet, 224 lbs. We’re going to get that to 195 lbs. by August.

I’ve ordered the P90x (Lord help me) – I’ve gone Paleo overnight (the farts. Amazing) – and no more booze.

Damn I love booze. 

But there are other things happening as well. I’m going to take this time to focus like I’ve never done before. Like a machine. On a mission from God. I’m setting a new routine for me. This is how its going to go:

Wake up (so far so good. Already doing that each day)
1 hour email/bills/internets – you know, check in with the world.
2 hours of writing – I write better in the morning. This I imagine being a blog post for an hour, then an hour of scriptwriting
2 hours of gym – Damn you Chris Pratt. He’s on my home screen on my phone. May be hard to explain to people.
1 hour chill – read, video games, masturbate, whatevers
3 hours of work – thats editing, retouching, filming, etc.

Thats 9 hours. If you add in all the phone calls/driving/eating etc we can call it 10-11 hours. That leaves about 5 hours of “spare time” – that seems like a fucking lot. We’ll see – but honestly if I can get done those things every day from now till August, well, shit. We’re in business.

Seriously upset about the booze.

Wish me luck.