Holidays are coming, and nothing says I love you then a gift from the ends of the earth.

I found this amazing potter (artist) who uses materials from the seabed floor, in some of the most remote and deepest places, to create beautiful earthenware (or oceanware as it may be). Scientific samples taken from the seabed are usually discarded after analyzed, but artist Joan Lederman gives this rare mud a second life. Using the sediments as her medium and glazes for plates, bowl, mugs and cups, the objects take on beautiful and sometimes striking natural appearances. Each one is unique, and the concept I think is really beautiful.

Personally I was looking for something that was from the Arctic, having just come back from an expedition through the NorthWest passage. Luckily Joan had something from the 71st parallel, which was exactly where I was, and even puts the attitude and longitude of where the mud is from. Awesome.

So very cool and beautiful. Check out all here wares at her site The Soft Earth.