You know what really pisses me off… what is making me so disappointed right now… there was a time that we were gifted a giant statue of a woman with a torch. Gifted. From another country. Like a 300 foot tall trophy for being the best at taking in everyone. All the wretched, poor, tired garbage, we didn’t care, come, and try your luck. We not only handled that, we fed off of it.

Now what do we have? Half a country scared of what made our country truly great. They act so tough, so brave. Such bullshit. Cowards, really. Let’s not let in people, because there are surely some there that want to hurt us. Guess what, we’ve been letting in murderers, nut jobs, and assassins for over 200 years, and it never bothered us before.

Some of these people say New Yorker’s live in a bubble. I say it’s the opposite. We’re the raw, open wound. We’re the ones they collapse our buildings on, and we don’t flinch. We’re the ones they gave the lady to, cause deep down I think they knew we were the ones that deserved her. We’d keep her legit.

I think you all are afraid, and you’re showing your ass. It’s sad, and I feel sorry for you. We’re all going to die you know. You can’t really stop that. The only thing you can do, is choose how you want to live.

Personally, I want to live under that lady’s shadow, no matter how dark or scary it gets, because it’s freedom that is casting it, and it’s how we shine that makes it so.


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