You never imagine it happening to you. You see it happen to many of your friends, you know it’s common, but you never think it could happen to you. then one day you wake up and there it is. Just like that. Happening to you.

It’s 30 days till my 40th year on earth.

Fuck me. What to feel? What to do? Fuck it lets just die. No wait, that’s the wrong mentality.

What does 40 years mean? It means “about half over” but it’s a bit more than that. 40 really means “The good stuff is done” and anyone that doesn’t think that is just wrong, sorry. Why? Because everything we value about life, love, power, freedom, youth, the great unknown, is largely composed of the first 40 years. Sure there is plenty of good stuff coming, but lets just face it; sometimes the best thing at a meal was the appetizers, and that’s just how shit is.

Ok, fine. That’s on the table. Do I feel old? A little. Am I a little broken? Sure. There is still enough life in me to make some horrible decisions so let’s get to it.

Today is 30:40. Tomorrow will be 29:40. So, as an experiment, I’m going to see if I can slide into the latter side of my life in the best condition possible. Sure, I probably should have been doing this all along, but whats the fun in that. Here’s the plan:

• Limit diet to maximum of 2000 calories a day (goal is 1500)
• Drink 8 glasses of water through the day
• 1 hour of exercise each day
• Complete one film project each day
• Write 5 pages each day
• listen to a new album each day
• No video games/masturbation/facebook/drinking (yes these are all the same in my mind)

On paper this doesn’t look too hard. The goal here is to clean/purify so I’m not dead at 40. I’ll be taking my weight and blood pressure throughout and recording the findings here. It’s a brave new world. Time to get tough. Wish me luck.

Current weight 222 lbs