Barcelona knows how to party, and while it is a full time job to find the best bars and nightlife in Barcelona, we did the best our livers could support. From Bar Sauvage in El Born, to classy piano joints like Casa Fuster, this town gets up to get down.

That said, nothing, absolutely nothing will prepare you for NASTY MONDAYS at the Apolo. Monday night this place absolutely shakes from night to morning with the largest, most riotous, fun, and crazy dance party we’ve ever seen. This multi-leveled club is packed but still finds room for you to dance your ass off, being fueled by the Club Savage party people onstage. A killer, super hot DJ spins the absolute best bangers for hours, while, get this, a bar, onstage, makes rum drinks to just pour down peoples mouths. Yeah. You just stand up at the front, watch the badass mixologists do their thing, and then open your mouth to receive your boozy prize.

This is nightlife like only Barcelona can do it, where no one cares who you are or where you are from, they only care if you are having a good time, and dancing your ass off. And this is a MONDAY NIGHT. Well let you fill in what the rest of the week is like in this lovely party town. Thanks Nasty Friends.