Amsterdam might not be known for its cuisine, but it should be, with some of the most innovative, delicious and down right fun food and dining experiences in Europe. From Appeltaarts that will melt your face with delicious rays, to frites that will haunt your dreams for years to come there are plenty of nibbles to get you motoring over this canalled city.

Happy Happy Joy Joy isnt just a reference to one of our favorite animated series, its also a fantastic asian inspired local joint who’s buns are on point.

Mannekinpis is our choice for crisp chips (or fries if your not a Brit) that definitely pack a punch. Dont be a wet towel and throw some mayo on them like the locs.

When it comes to Appeltaart or apple cake Winkle 43 is the only place in our hearts. The only issue with it is the size of the fork not being big enough to shovel an entire slice in our face.

De Biertuin is a lesser known place that packs a serious punch. Amazing chicken and waffles here folks with a beer list that puts Germany to shame.

Lets not pass over the Febo automat. Or rather pass over it … unless its 4am and you are high AF and need a fried cheese sammy.

Breakfast can be a hard find in Europe if you are used to American morning feasts, but Bakers and Roasters does it RIGHT. Amazing eggs, brunch like benedict, and fresh salads and fruits are all found under one roof.

Finally, if you simply want to try it all De Hallen is a food hall like no other. There’s a cinema, lots of funky shops, and a food court that has a bit of everything … sushi, gourmet dogs, pizza, halal, you name it, all dressed up with a kicking bar, this place is a common Nirvana.
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