VP Plaza Espana Design Hotel and Ginkgo Sky Bar. Where to stay in Madrid.

The VP design hotel located at Plaza Espana in the heart of Madrid is the gateway to this chic and energetic city. 17 floors of cool luxury is home to a world class restaurant and spa, and is a magnet for the hip fashion, art and design crowd for good reason. It is also home to the infamous Ginkgo Skybar which defies classification, with it’s elegant interior hosting the cities best live music and flawless cocktails nightly. Outside you are treated to a rooftop pool, and perhaps the best views of the city you can get, being mere meters away from the breathtaking royal palace.

If you are fortunate to stay at the VP Plaza Espana you will be treated to high tech opulence that has a personalized familiar touch. thoughtful gifts and messages welcome you into the room, and the VP takes pride in their quality offerings that are all a step above the common luxury hotel. More impressive perhaps then the attention to detail is the view, which the VP put’s it’s unique stamp on with these fantastic atomic age window treatments, that seem to pull the city into your room. I had no idea you could upgrade a window but you can. Finally, the VP completes this luxurious experience with a beautifully modern bathroom sporting top shelf products.

My favorite addition was the push button rain shower, that is, until I found this other button that operated the shade from the shower to the sleeping area. It’s this application of sexy tech that makes the luxury of the VP hotel feel fun and fresh, and a reason why they are the official hotel of Davis Cup tennis championship this year, ensuring everyone win or loose will have very sweet dreams.


Stay tuned as I cover Madrid for Get Lost Magazine (www.getlostmagazine.com) this week, celebrating this ancient city who is about to host the amazing Davis Cup Tennis Championship in November.

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