Fakarava: the best black pearls in Polynesia.

Fakarava is one of my favorite islands in French Polynesia, not only being one of the best places to buy pearls, but a beautiful island to explore either by foot, bike, or on sea.

It’s easy to rent a bike in town and explore the miles of sandy beaches on both sides of this atoll paradise island, or travel down to Havaiki resort which has a fantastic little hut right over the water where you can open your own oysters to get at the beautiful pearl inside.

For just a few dollars you can choose your oyster, and the experts there will open it for you to receive your treasure. They’ll even remove the tasty little scallop and squeeze some lime juice on it for you to have a fresh ocean treat.

Later if you like you can take it on shore and have them set it in a necklace, or, you can buy one of the amazing pieces of jewelry they craft in house. Or you could always just buy an ice cold beer and take it into one of their lagoon submerged tables to drink the way the islanders do. Any way you do it it’s paradise on earth.

The Marquesas are a remote island chain that are extremely difficult to get to, making them a pristine treasure of polynesia. Fortunately Aranui cruises offers passage there where you can enjoy these rare sights in style.


Stay tuned as we explore some of the other magnificent islands this week on TravelClast!
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