It’s the roaring 20’s and I’m all for it … so here’s 20 phrases from the 1920’s I’m looking forward to bringing back in style in 2020… so here is what I did over the weekend:

I took a jorum of skee before ankling to my hayburner cause Im no wurp, and headed to the sockdollager totes zozzled. I peeped this bearcat rocking a handcuff and being a cake-eater ankled over to her and demanded a gasper in hopes of getting some cash. She turned out to be a real bluenose cancelled stamp who thought me a dewdropper when really Im quite an egg and oliver twist. Getting the icy mit I jumped ship to the petting pantry grabbing a sinker so I didn’t pull a daniel boone on the way. What a night!

1. Ankle: to walk

2. Sockdollager: an event or action of great importance

3. Bearcat: a lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak

4. Bluenose: term for a prude or individual deemed to be a killjoy

5.. Cancelled stamp: a shy, lonely female, the type one would describe as a “wallflower”

6. Cash: a smooch

7. Cake-eater: in the 1920’s refers to a “ladies’ man”; later, slang for homosexual

8. Dewdropper: like lollygagger, a slacker who sits around all day and does nothing, often unemployed

9. Egg: a person who leads an absurdly wealthy, extravagant lifestyle (see: Gatsby’s “West Egg”)

10. Gasper: cigarette, “fag” (also of the 1920s)

11. Handcuff: engagement ring

12. Hayburner: a car with poor gas-mileage, a guzzler

13. Icy mitt: rejection from the object of one’s affection, as in: “He got the icy mitt.”

14. Sinker: a doughnut

15. Jorum of skee: a swig of alcohol, particularly hard liquor

16. Oliver Twist: an extremely good dancer.

17. Petting pantry: a cinema or movie theatre

18. Pull a Daniel Boone: to upchuck

19. Wurp: wet blanket or person seen as a buzzkill (see: Debbie Downer)

20. Zozzled: shitfaced

52. Sockdollager: an event or action of great importance