I take pizza VERY seriously, thats why when master pizza oven makers OONI asked if I wanted a new 16 inch Koda Pizza Oven I said, “Certo! Come no?!”

At this point you might be asking “What’s an Ooni?” … well if you dont know, it’s probably why your pizza sucks;)

What I didn’t expect was really how much joy this little oven brought me. I had seen a friend in San Francisco use it; brining it out on the sidewalk to have some friends over at a safe distance. A COVID friendly pizza party if you will. It looked intriguing but using it first hand really blew my mind.

It can use wood, or gas, and gets to a positively scorching 500 degrees celcius WHICH COOKS PIZZA PERFECTLY IN 60 SECONDS. This is the key to the Ooni’s magic, and to great Neapolitan pizza.

The other key obviously is good dough … and for that there was only one recipe I wanted, Roberta’s NYC pizza dough, via the NYT of course;)

I’ve had her for about a month now and when I tell you I use it three days a week I’m not lying. No, I’m not pounding pizza every other night, I’m also roasting in it, beautiful vegetables, porchetta’s even making wood fired lasagna’s in it. Honestly its faster then my real over and everything comes out perfect.

And if you say this sounds like a commercial it kinda is. I want everyone to experience this Ooni, and discover the magic of real pizza. I want it so much I made a series of films about my Ooni that have since gone somewhat viral. It’s not just me … everyone loves their Ooni.