The MIT museum in Cambridge. So cool. One of the coolest, lesser known museums is the MIT museum located in a very hip section of Cambridge. It's the home of some very cool exhibits, that mix social, tech and science in unique and unexpected ways. Definitely worth a check out and their gift shop is second to none. Afterwards hit up... Continue Reading →

Boston’s Trinity Church. Boston's Trinity Church is a stunning house of worship that anyone can enjoy. Tucked away off the busy streets of downtown, this stone and stained glass monument is laden with amazing woodwork, murals, and mosaics. Founded in 1777 and built in 1877 this Church is a quick stop that will leave a lasting impression... Continue Reading →

Boston’s Lawn on the D.

Lawn on the D ... despite a perhaps unfortunate name, is a rather cool place to spend the afternoon or evening where you can choose your own drink and food adventure with other Boston locals and tourists alike. There are beer halls, food stands, games and light up swings to keep even the most needy... Continue Reading →

Brattle Book Shop Boston

Boston is such a cool and unique town, one of the oldest in America with a ton of interesting history, and the Brattle Bookshop is definitely not to be missed if you are looking for something unique, historic, and truly Boston. Owned by the Gloss family and opened in 1825, the Brattle Bookshop has... Continue Reading →

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