Usually I’m all for debate. I mean, I’m Italian. C’mon. However, sometimes, there just isn’t room for debate. Like the holocaust being completely horrible, or Empire being the best Star Wars film, Chef Jeremy Spector’s Brindle Room Hamburger is, without question, the WORLDS GREATEST HAMBURGER.

The reason there is no debate is because of how it tastes (like someone shoved heaven into your mouth-hole), how it smells (like Umami by Armani), how it feels in your mouth (like the satisfaction from eating a mouth full of chips and a mouthful of sushi at the same time) and even how it sounds (like Wimpy noshing into a burger on Popeye. Yeah. That sound).

There is no equal.

I got the fantastic opportunity to find out what the beef is with his beef, how he gets his cheese so damn melty, and what kinda buns he’s into. It was a religious experience, and I hope you are wearing a bib while you watch this cause you will dribble like a 2 year old on Percocet and Jim Beam.


I mean Serious Eats, Eater, Thrillist, CBS, NY Magazine, hell, even Food Network’s food deity Guy Fieri couldn’t resist proclaiming their love for this meat temptress. Secret is out folks… and it’s delicious.

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The Great NYC Burger Bash.

So hambergers, amirite?

I am a foodie, and fortunately I have the pleasure of knowing the man who makes the world’s best hamburger. This isn’t up for discussion. So I found it humorous to say the least when I was invited down to the Food and Wine Burger Bash, a contest of over 250 purveyors of the hamburger arts held down on the docks on the Hudson River. (OK it was pier 90 but that sounds much less romantic).

It was a glorious evening, the sun setting to the west making Jersey look damn fine, and the place was buzzing with excitement. My man Jeremy Spector was all set up testing his patties, jabbing and flipping them much like a boxer warming up for a fight. I had no doubt he was going to knock the competition right out of the ring.

As things heated up the place became PACKED. Wall to wall New Yorkers all there to get their grease on. There were bands, celeb chefs gated off with a white picket fence, and of course, sponsors. All sorts of sponsors. Even some that made you go huh as C&C would say.

um... are you lost?
um… are you lost?

I wandered around and forced myself to try some of the competition, if you want to call it that. Organic burgers with ramp relish, Italian burgers with mozz and basil, even Thai burgers with peanut sauce and indigestion. Tasty, sure. Interesting, fine. Better than a Brindle Room Deckle burger? Hell no son.

no thank you sir.
no thank you sir.

The heat was on. The grill was roaring. It was a war, and these little burgers were like soldiers storming the beach of Hungary (people). It was life or death.

Finally it was the moment of truth. We sat back and listened to the judges congratulate everyone, genuflect to Food & Wine, and announce the winner.


In the end the troops were beat, tired, and longed for a slow, strong drink. It was a good fight, and like most wars, it would seem that politics had its share in determining the outcome. Still, while history is written by the victors, those that lived through the battle will always know the truth, that Brindle Room Deckle Burger is the one true leader of griddled meats, and its day will come again.

a perfect meal. the brindle room.

Spoiler alert: I am head over heals with the Brindle Room. Expect a gushy review.

So, this little gem on 10th street in the village is the kinda place (that luckily for me) many people walk past. In a neighborhood crammed with celeb fueled eateries (Momofuku I’m looking at you) the Brindle Room, with its unassuming entrance, warm interior, and chill atmosphere might not even register on most people radar.

Effectively you have then missed one of the better meals of your life.

It was so good, I even made a video about it. I was literally moved so much by this meal that my passion as a filmmaker was called into action. Take a peek, but I recommend putting a drip towel over your keyboard …

Let’s be frank and earnest here for a sec; the Brindle Room is not Boulud. It is not Jean George. We are not at Per Se. Nothing has foam on it, or even a hint of truffle. What we have here is neighborhood haute cuisine at its finest.

Seared Pepper Steak sandwich, house smoked chicken wings, even classic baked oysters that slide down your mouth like the caress of a warmed silk glove of a parisian lover. The menu stretches from the comforting beer battered pork belly to the more elegant venison loin, but don’t be fooled; everything on this menu was created by the chef to be just good tasting and fun eating. It doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not and that is where you realize it is a rare find; a genuinely good place to eat that focuses on food not fame.

It has been extremely hard not to mention the burger for three paragraphs. Extremely hard. Having been to the Brindle Room on multiple occasions you find out that even though they have THE BEST HAMBURGER IN THE WORLD, that the rest of their menu is stellar as well. But, let’s talk about it, because, damn it’s good…

brindle room burger

… their burger is a select mixture of prime meat that incorporates the deckle cut of steak which is the most delicious cut you could put in your mouth. What? Never heard of the deckle, a.k.a. The Rib-Eye Cap? The 2nd filet of Brisket? The Pillow Cut? (I made that last one up… sorry, rule of threes owns me)

Well the deckle is that guy that shows up to your party that makes it the best party that ever was. The guy that, 20 years later at someone wedding you don’t really know but you have a lot of mutual friends so you decide to go because you might see Charlene there and you wonder if she’s got fat, and you see all your high school buds and they were like “remember that party at Tom Higgin’s place when Deckle showed up in the stolen cop car a case of Goldschäger and a Billy Goat?” and you’re like “remember? Do we not all have tattoo’s of the date with “Deckle 4 EVA … bhaaaaa!” on all our arms???”. Yeah it’s like that.

More scientifically, Deckle is the back end of the Rib-Eye steak. Basically a mixture of filet and marbled fat, that, when blended in the right proportion, seared in a seasoned cask iron skillet, and then baked with soft, sweet onions and American cheese, produces a hamburger that you want to slowly rub on your face while confessing your love to it before consuming. Hence the reason they give you cloth dishtowels instead of paper napkins at the Brindle Room. You dont come for a meal; you come to make love to your food, and if done right, cleanup is always a bit messy, but always worth it.

Besides delicious devourables, Brindle keeps a pretty great, albeit small, selection of craft beers and affordable wines to help libate the meal properly. They also have a brunch that might take you out for the day. It really should come with in-house cots. Monday nights is vinyl night, so if you’re looking for some ear candy and mouth treats, that might be your jam.

Full disclosure: I have absolutely no stock in the Brindle Room. At all. This review come straight from the heart, and or perhaps stomach.