Usually I’m all for debate. I mean, I’m Italian. C’mon. However, sometimes, there just isn’t room for debate. Like the holocaust being completely horrible, or Empire being the best Star Wars film, Chef Jeremy Spector’s Brindle Room Hamburger is, without question, the WORLDS GREATEST HAMBURGER.

The reason there is no debate is because of how it tastes (like someone shoved heaven into your mouth-hole), how it smells (like Umami by Armani), how it feels in your mouth (like the satisfaction from eating a mouth full of chips and a mouthful of sushi at the same time) and even how it sounds (like Wimpy noshing into a burger on Popeye. Yeah. That sound).

There is no equal.

I got the fantastic opportunity to find out what the beef is with his beef, how he gets his cheese so damn melty, and what kinda buns he’s into. It was a religious experience, and I hope you are wearing a bib while you watch this cause you will dribble like a 2 year old on Percocet and Jim Beam.


I mean Serious Eats, Eater, Thrillist, CBS, NY Magazine, hell, even Food Network’s food deity Guy Fieri couldn’t resist proclaiming their love for this meat temptress. Secret is out folks… and it’s delicious.

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