How to become YouTube Famous. (In 13 steps)

This is a 13 step guide on how to become youtube famous, a list compiled from the 20 most popular articles online. Great resource on when to release videos, tags, keywords, and tips and tricks all in one place for 2019.

If you’re reading this, you wont be for long.

Scary. Really scary when you think about it. Net Neutrality. Let me put it this way for you... this blog, twitter, facebook. All the things you do on the internet. Your business. How you make money. Everything, will now have a cap on it. What was once free, now will cost. It's going to suck,... Continue Reading →

stuff on the internet.

The internet is full of ... stuff. Sometimes the stuff can be called information. Most of the time the stuff can be called, shit. Take this with a grain of salt. Background; Last year I went to Cambodia, and had never been to South East Asia. So of course, being the son of a neurotic... Continue Reading →

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