NYC Washington Square in glorious 4k Slow Motion.

Love rolling out on a perfect summer day and seeing what’s going down inWashington Square Park. It’s always full of buskers, skaters, and wacco’s of all kinds, and always looks so good in ultra slow mo. This is just shot on my phone on an ordinary day like any other, but it always makes me so happy to walk through. So weird that it was a potter’s field with dead people still below your feet. Go ahead look it up;)

Sub and love and stay tuned to Travelclast my dears.

FS700 + Odyssey = Face Melting

I get asked often, “what camera should I buy” … a lot of people would say “well, it depends what you want to do with it” which is about as helpful as a box of matches on the moon. I say one thing…

The FS700 and Odyssey 7Q+. Nuff said.

Its been about three years now that I’ve owned a FS700r and an Odyssey 7Q+. Three years is a long time for camera tech, and three years is even longer for your first praise post about it. Three years is actually the reason why I’m so damn smitten with this setup, because it’s still melting faces everywhere I take her.

Here is the deal, the FS700 is a prosumer camera from Sony that can shoot 240fps at HD for around $4,000 bucks. Thats pretty good. Now, add an Odyssey 7q+ which can record a RAW SDI signal out of the camera and ass kicking 4K and 120fps for another $2,000 bucks and what you have is basically the BFG 9000 of cameras.

I use this beast constantly. It’s small and light, it’s got more inputs then your mom, and more connections then Kevin Bacon, and wont even come close to the amount you owe for the college education you will hardly ever use. It’s an asset in any production, for interview footage to music videos and of course it’s slow motion abilities make it a very sexy devil.

Sometimes I just take it down the block with me… cause I can:

So yeah. You want a camera? You want a setup that’s gonna do any heavy lifting you throw at it, and leave you some coin to pay rent with? Then this is your dream team.


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