Was excited to hear that I took home a Marcom Platinum and Viddy Platinum award today for a lovely Van Heusen commercial that I wrote and Directed with the amazing creatives over at Picture Farm. This spot is truly near and dear to my heart and was nothing less then a blast to create and launch their new Stain Guard technology. All the effects in the spot are practical and real; there is no CG at all to create these effects if you can believe it. We actually slowed down time (wouldn’t that be nice eh?)

This was actually one of three commercials we created for them, although I do think it’s my favorite. I would be remised if I didn’t share the other two as well, since our talent did such a spectacular job.

Such fun work, and very happy we’re celebrating it with two new awards of the highest order. I have to thank Ben Freeman and the team over at Picture Farm for their amazing work, my Director of Photography Dagmar Weaver-Madsen who is stunningly talented, and of course the amazing folk over at Van Heusen that trusted me with their vision (and shirts).