Well this is interesting ….


honored to have won 3 MARCOM awards this year & work with some of the best people on the planet. #marcom #award #marketing #directing #humbled #happy #fyp #funnystory

♬ original sound – Roberto Serrini

This is a platinum MarCom award which honors excellence in marketing and communication and I won three this year.

One for a funny cannondale spot I did with my no frames family
One for a freaky Van Heusen spot I did with my Picture Farm family
And one I did for my latest documentary about Penne Alla Vodka.

No seriously I did a documentary about penne alla vodka it’s crazy.
So what is winning a Marcom for directing good for?
Well you can work out with it?

It can hold your keys no problem
And it’s actually real good for pounding out cutlets.
But really they just look nice on your shelf.

Thanks MarCom and all my creative partners for an award winning year. See all the other award winning work at www.robertoserrini.com