Huzzah and hoorah time to celebrate as I’m super excited to announce that my humble little travel channel TravelClast on YouTube has won a Platinum Viddy award for Best Travel Series. It’s an amazing honor and took me completely by surprise. I would say that this is motivation for doing more in the future, but to be quite honest the travel is motivation enough and connecting with travel minded explorers is award enough. Still though it does feel pretty good to be recognized.

In true award ceremony fashion I would like to thank all my friends, new and old, around the world that helped me discover all the secrets this blue marble has to offer, Justin Jamieson over at Get Lost Magazine who gave me a chance to be a travel writer back when I only knew a few words and has since sent me all over the world, and of course my dear lovely mother who instilled in me the unrelenting passion to go out and discover the unknown. Love you ma.