Yes. Happy birthday.

Another year. Another regeneration of cells, another set down for the final count. The earth has swung its fat ass around the flaming hydrogen ball one more time, there’s another grey on my chin, and France is another year older too.

Birthdays are great, mainly because I love to celebrate. Flag day, National Hotdog day, shit, I would even celebrate National Disobedience Day (July 3rd) … if that wasn’t against the rules.. Celebration is the desert of life, and pitfalls is the plate it is served on. So eat up folks, it’s fat free.

For point of Reference, July 14th, besides being my illustrious day of escape from the womb, is also Bastille Day, Pandaemonium Day, and National Nude Day, which really should all be one holiday really.

So remember this; plans change, people change, you might find you don’t have any change in your pocket. Find a reason to celebrate, and if you can’t, get some friends that make it impossible not to. And in the words of poet-philosopher Dean Martin, “put your worries away for tomorrow. If you’re lucky, someone will break in tonight, and steal ’em”. He drank a lot. But the message is there.

Artist's Rendition of the Birthday meal of 2014
Artist’s Rendition of the Birthday meal of 2014

Today, I celebrate all my friends, near, and far. I love you guys. You’re the reason for all the good shit;)

All my love,



PS – I hate you all: