I ask if they come with new underwear because you are obviously going to shit yourself.

I’m here all week people. 

So this is a dope idea… headphones… with a VR set … BUILT IN. They use Retina Projection so they beam the image RIGHT INTO YOUR FUCKING BRAIN which is the only way I insist on watching Bang Bus.

The future in now people. I mean look at this video:

You know what I noticed? That the video is 70 seconds long, and for exactly 68 of the 70 seconds this man is… alone.

Of course I want this more than anything. Just worried that my hair is gonna grease up the optics and then we have that moment in Real Genius but IN MY FUCKING EYES.


Here is a bonus clip of Real Genius, which is the reason I became a *Theoretical Physicist in the first place.


*I am not a Theoretical Physicist.