Not that kind of happy ending. Although, it kinda is, but the happy ending is a hand job for a country that severely needs release.

Too early for a hand job metaphor?

So … segue … 

This is Symbi Safari. The Symbi stands for Symbiotic (one of my favorite words right behind homunculus and catholic with a lower c). Symbi is the genius idea from two amazing guys Danny Noval and Kirk Summers. The idea is that an African safari should work in tandem with nature. This means a few things:

• Ecologically conscious building materials and transportation. Think Euell Gibbons meets Tesla.
• Fair wages and education for the locals who work the safari. Think Rosie the Riveter  meets Obama.
• Protecting the wildlife and the environment. Think Jane Goodall meets Twelve Monkeys.


Jane Goodall meets Twelve Monkeys? Hello?! Hollywood? Are you reading this?

Continuing on…

What I didn’t consciously realize was that safaris could be so cancerous to their environment, ironic since it’s the environment that they are celebrating, but they can be truly awful. Pollution, garbage, and extremely poor working conditions can make them some of the most vile businesses out there.

Danny and Kirk have a different idea, which could only come out of two award-winning New York creative directors. It’s about upping the safari game a bit, adding a bit of style and sophistication, while doing what’s right, so you can really feel good about seeing one of nature’s most amazing gifts.

Of course the other safari’s probably aren’t happy about them paying their people and honest wage, and giving them basic worker’s rights and benefits that we take for granted here, but are non-existent in developing nations. Basically they don’t want anyone rocking the boat, so it’s gonna get like West Side Story over in the jungle in a second.

So, like any other good, socially conscious, media savvy creatives they started an indigogo campaign to help get this fab idea off the ground. They have some important people backing them already, the materials and personnel in place, and a *KILLER PROMOTIONAL VIDEO THAT WILL MAKE MINDS EXPLODE. 

They just need some cash to pull the trigger.

If you don’t like to kill elephants for their teeth, or to steal hungry people’s food, or if you hate genocide, or if you hate setting kittens on fire, then you should donate a few bucks because if you don’t you’re basically adding to the problem.  

Advertising rule #1: Sex sells, but guilt donates.

In all seriousness, this is a no brainer. It’s a fabulous concept, that should be the norm, and it’s taking an enormous amount of testicular fortitude to try to change a damaged system that’s been in place for over a hundred years. This is real change, and in the best way possible.

Good luck guys. No one messes with Brooklyn!


*Full disclosure: I made the video for them. pro bono. Because it really was for the good of the people, the definition of pro bono publico. Pro bono is my 4th favorite word out there btw.