It has been two months since I have had the pleasure to call the great city of Manhattan my home. I had left for the left coast in search of new business and prosperity, but down deep I knew that I would never call any other city “home”. New York is not a place, its a state of mind. You can’t come from there, you certainly don’t ever leave. You just are or are not New York.

This little charming film is from 1949. Fresh after the great second world war, and the city is clean, polished and looking dandy. The United Nations building has yet to go up, the Bowery is definitely not a hip place to hang out, and Times Square looks like a provincial mainstreet in comparison to what it looks like today. It’s wonderful to look back at old family films, and New York, you are my family.

I ❤ NY


Special love to Dave Hanson keeper of the faith, and finder of film treasures like this one.