If you are a creative, in any field, you sometimes, well, feel like you make shit.

I say this with a friendly tone, having made shit, plenty of times, me self.

You see, at one point, everything is shiny and new. The world has no boundaries and your imagination is a well that will not run dry. However, as you drink, you realize that this delicious liquid is the same ol pond water that has been passed around for ages.

It can be tough, reinvention as it may be, but at one point you get past the slump and realize, that while there are no new concepts, there are plenty of new ideas.

Take this for example. The Lord Of The Rings:

Did you know that there was a Lord Of The Rings movie in 1978? I didn’t (I think I was equally surprised to find out that Miramax was around back then… damn Weinstein’s… good on ya.) – This happens from time to time… Ill either have an idea and a friend will say “oh thats just like so and so from so and so” and then Ill want to punch them in their so and so till they bleed from their so and so… or… Ill find a little treasure like this one and it will completely blow my mind.

There is something wonderful about one story being told multiple ways. Joe Campbell knew about this, Mr. Hero of a Thousand Faces… I think it’s some of the best perspective a creative can get. It’s the one chance you have to understand multiple languages of creativity without being inside of someone’s head. This is really why we create; not for the novelty, but for the familiarity.

And so I say don’t be angry when your friend says “thats just like…” embrace it. Challenge it. Learn from it. And steal as much as you can.

Thanks JR and thanks PJ. Master thieves of the tale.