steve mccurry’s life lessons.

Steve McCurry is to Photography what Michelangelo is to Sculpting. A fucking badass. 

He has produced your favorite photograph of all time. I don’t even need to know which one is your favorite photograph, I know he took it.

Today I stumbled on a Sploid article with some short films of Steve explaining his most valuable life lessons. I love this level of access into a mind of a visionary genius. This is the gold they don’t teach you in college. It’s something you only learn from experience, or in this case, someone else’s experience they are willing to share with you.

Thank you Steve for being legend. Here are the videos, I put what I found to be the most relevant first, but you should watch them all.

If I was into reincarnation, I’d want to come back as Steve McCurry. I would have to be into reincarnation and not understand quantum physics so I could time travel as well, but you can dream.


P.S. one thing I saw was how he holds his camera. Thanks CheesyCam for setting me straight.

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