Seymour is the reason for film.

There are certain films that just water your soul. Seymour is one of them, and it’s a great example of why film is.

Lot’s of people like to go to the movies to escape. There are plenty of films that are so submersive that they make you forget you are in a chair watching a wall. Seymour however breaks through that wall; it’s the type of film that pushes through your life, and puts the mirror on you. You see the best of yourself, of life, of human kind, and you walk out, well, a better person.

Not bad for $16.50 and 84 minutes of your time.

I won’t tell you what Seymour is “about”. It’s not “about” a storyline. The story is in you, and this is just a chapter of it that was brilliantly shot. Go see it if you have the opportunity, it will nourish you for sure.

In theaters March 13th. Don’t miss it.

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